Financing Options

Lyon Financial

There are numerous financial benefits to home improvements such as a pool, patio cover, and/or an outdoor kitchen. Your investment will continue to grow in value along with your home, while also making your home easier to sell if you ever decide to move.

Many pool owners opt for the “staycation” and enjoy the savings that a pool provides when compared to the cost of expensive family vacations.

But what about financing? We have partnered with Lyon Financial to provide our customers with flexible financing plans to make their dreams a reality. For over 39 years, Lyon Financial has provided individuals and families with the financial sources to enjoy the comfort and flexibility of having their own backyard vacation. 

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And don’t forget, although in the beginning numbers can create sticker shock keep in mind the endless memories you and your family will have in your amazing backyard luxury. Not to mention the savings you will accrue in possibly not needing going on as many vacations, as you will have one in your backyard you can enjoy daily! Some may even think of this as such a savings that over the years your backyard investment will essentially pay for itself!

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