Our Process

We specialize in luxury pools and spas for homeowners in Cypress, TX and surrounding areas. Our pools are custom designed to accentuate the homeowner’s outdoor space and complement their lifestyle. Our innovative designs offer the latest in backyard luxury, from our custom water features and open flame lighting to our selection of luxurious tile and stone finishes and state of the art pool systems. We stay on top of swimming pool design trends and outdoor living to bring you the most up-to-date conveniences available. Get your imagination going with a browse through our portfolio of previous work or visit our 3000 sq ft. design center. With our selection of design elements and features, the possibilities are endless!

1. Design Process

There are many considerations that will go into your custom pool design. We take our time in the design process to ensure that all wants/needs and requirements, for both present and future, have been explored. Our pool design software allows you to see your proposed design in 3D and “try on” various elements and features. When you decide that a design meets both your lifestyle, budget, and feels like a natural extension of your home, then we are ready to move forward with making your backyard dreams a reality.

2. Pool Build

Before breaking ground, we will spray off your pool in the designated site, per approved plan. Next we will excavate the site, tie rebar and shoot gunite. The pool frame will be built with #3 rebar at 8” centers and Gunite will be shot to form the pool shell (walls, floors, sundeck, benches, stairs, etc.). At this point we ask for the homeowner to ensure proper curing of the gunite by watering the entire shell morning and night (takes about 5 minutes). Tile, coping, plumbing, electrical, decking, and then plaster is done per your approved selections and interior finish. Every step of the build process is overseen by our many project managers, to ensure that you receive the highest levels of quality craftsmanship and customer service you deserve.

3. Pool Start-Up And Walk-Through

Once the build phase is complete, and the pool is filled with water the “startup” phase will begin. This is a very important part of the process as the pool plaster is very volatile at this point and needs the homeowner’s attention once more. At this point the homeowner needs to brush the pool twice a day morning and evening for the first week. This helps the plaster finish even out and cure as this is not paint (their can be “modeling” or inconsistencies) The more brushing the plaster receives the more even it will look. Next we will start the main pump to circulate water for two weeks 24/7. Also, during this start up period (30 days) our tech will be by numerous times to balance chemicals. The chemistry at this point is all over the map because of the many different materials that have been installed and are curing. 

In our walk-through we will go over the basic functions of your pool including how to turn on and off lights, change light colors, run spa mode, water features, and whatever else you have questions on. We don’t leave until you are happy with your new swimming pool and comfortable with the basic operation and care it will require. At this point the chemistry, cleaning and maintenance is turned over to the customer. If you don’t want to take on the extra time it takes to maintain your pool, we have a pool maintenance division that offers cleaning, chemical balancing, and everything that is required to keep your pool glistening for a monthly fee. Outside that, due to us building the pool and caring the Hayward warranty if our tech catches anything wrong with any of your equipment while he is out there, we are able to submit warranty issues sometimes before our customer even knows there is an issue, again this speaks to our commitment to customer service.