Patio Covers

If you like being outdoors, but do not always want to be “in” the sun, Backyard Luxuries offers several outdoor living options to remedy this. 

Patio covers are very popular with homeowners and give you full roof coverage, unlike the open-air aspect of an arbor or pergola. Patio covers can be either free-standing or attached to an existing structure. With something as simple as a phone consultation with a designer, we can get a firm understanding of what you want to achieve with your outdoor living area. 

Whether a pergola, outdoor kitchen, fireplace or fire pit we take into consideration your personal needs and sense of style to fit your financial allocation. If budget is a primary factor, we’ll also take this time to discuss costs and explore ways to keep the project within your financial comfort zone. Once this has been accomplished, and we are ready to proceed we then bring your dreams to life in a 3D artistic rendering.